How to start freelancing

How to start Freelancing while having a full time job?

I used to work in a telecom company as a program manager in the product management department.  I always wanted to know how to start freelancing even though you have a full-time job.

I was interested in making presentation designs.

My colleagues would appreciate and take my help in making these presentations.

One day, while I was going through some internet marketing forums, I read an article.

It was about monetizing our skills to make some cash. I thought “why not?”

Let me think about what skills do I have?

The first thing that came to my mind was – PPTs. Yes, PowerPoint presentations.

Out of curiosity, I set up an account and started offering PowerPoint presentations.

To my surprise, I got an order from someone in the US to make some presentations look ‘beautiful’.

So they sent the slides and I worked on these 20 slides and sent them back in 2 hours.

They were happy and left me a 100% positive feedback with a promise of ordering more.

The next day, they ordered one more. On the third day, I had 2 more inquiries for the presentations.

Within a few days, I was a Level I seller. Then went on to be the level II seller and ended up making $17000+ with 900+ orders over a period of time.

Fiverr Earnings
Freelance Earnings

Of course, as I got more orders, I expanded my skill set to graphic design, video creation and many more.

All this while I was in a full-time job.

Now, do you wish to start or grow your freelancing career?

How to start Freelancing?

First, have a vision in mind as to why do you want to freelance?

What is the value you are adding to others with your product or service as a freelancer?

This is a good place to start.

Then make a plan.

Design your freelancing business: your product/ Service, describe them, define price points, specify deliverables.

Decide on the freelance websites to list your services.

Promote your services.

Freelancing as a career

Do you want to earn a second income?

How about making use of your skills to make some cash?

Do people compliment you for a skill that you can monetize?

You can consider freelancing as a career or a business of your own.

So, you need some qualifications to start with. They may not be educational qualifications but skill sets.

When you already have or willing to acquire the skills needed for the market, you will be in demand.

Of course, you need to deliver your best and some more, every time, to keep your business growing.

Freelancing skills in demand ( which you can learn and provide services)

The following are a few of the skill sets which I came across and which are in high demand if you are skilled enough. One of the major points you need to consider is you need to continuously learn and keep your skills up to date to grow in this business.

Design Skills: Graphics, Websites, Product, architecture and many more

Video and animation: Product videos, Videos ads, animation, Trailers, videos for kids

Digital Marketing skills – WordPress, SEO, E-commerce, Email Marketing, Sales funnels, Digital Marketing tools, etc.

Coding: Apps, Web programming. Mobile apps, Games development

Writing and translation skills: Content writing for blogs, websites, Copywriting

Business skills: Market research, business plans, presentations, consulting

Freelancing websites

Freelancing Webisites
Freelancing Websites

There are many websites offering freelancing services like Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru, and many more.

Some of these sites are specialized in particular services like design, programming, apps, videos, etc. Others are general sites offering all sorts of services.

You may start with one or all of them. Personally, I found Fiverr to be good to make consistent income.

Whenever you are ready, go through the sites and look around. What kinds of services being offered.

Which one can you offer better than others?

Most of the well-known sites are highly competitive and it might take a while to start getting orders.

However, if you have a plan and described your services well enough, you will get attention right from the start.

Is Freelancing right for you?

There are many aspects which you can consider while answering this question.

Most important would be; 

Are you ready to run it like a business?

Do you have a plan to handle the orders when you grow this business?

Are you committed to providing the same quality of service when the number of orders keeps piling up?

If you can answer these questions with clarity, you will have better chances of succeeding as a freelancer.


I will write more on specific aspects of freelancing in the next posts.

Please comment below to let me know what you would like to read more about.


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