⏰ Flow Time & Touch Time

These are the terms used in manufacturing a product.The raw material is brought to the factory. Kept waiting until ready.Then, it is moved to the machine for processing. Kept ready until the processing happens. The machine touches the raw material and the final product is prepared.

This is time is referred to as Touch Time. Finally, the product is packaged and move out of the factory.

Entire-time from the beginning to the end is the flow time. Usually, Flow time is 2 to 4 times more than touch time. The focus is on the flow time and how to reduce it.

⏰By measuring the flow time and the touch time, organizations improve the efficiency of the process.
⏰Have you noticed there are days when you get things done with ease?Touch time is used effectively. Then there are times when you keep preparing a lot to get something done. But cannot finish the task. Flow time is much more than it should be.

⏰Maybe you need to focus on Touch time for your tasks rather than flow time. Of course, preparation is important. We need to spend time brainstorming, planning and ideating.

But are we spending this time effectively or getting into analysis paralysis mode.
If I am designing a video, I need to visualize, make an outline, maybe storyboard and finalize the ideas – PreparationThen I get the raw material; the video footage, voiceover, background music, sound effects, graphics, images, text and many more.

I throw them all into my video creation software and mix n match the parts to create the final video. – The Touch Time.
The idea is to focus more on executing – creating, designing, writing, coding, etc. Also, measure the flow time to touch time. You will be amazed when you do it for the first time!

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